Vorherrebevars who is it?

Vorherrebevars is a sole proprietorship owned by Finn Andsbjerg Larsen.

In 2010, I was employed in Folkekirkens Konfirmandcenter, which is part of the Danish church, where I got the idea to make themed Pathways for the church room. In collaboration with colleagues and priests in the Danish church, I developed the Pathvays.

We originally sold to Norway and England – but sales stopped for tax reasons.

As a private person, I have now been allowed to resume sales abroad from 1 August 2022.

Feel free to contact me by e-mail: post@vorherrebevars.dk or phone +45 40461208

Finn Andsbjerg Larsen
Cvr: 31445922
Konto: 5148-1125907
Iban: DK8951480001125907

Stenbakken 30,
8850 Bjerringbro
Mobil: +45 4046 1208
Email: post@vorherrebevars.dk